Catch my NEW Release! Daniel: A Dark Irish Mafia Romance (Gods of Galway Book 1)


After mom's death, it's just me and my dad running the family pub—and I've got big plans for it once dad retires.

But everything changes when he shows up in the middle of the night.

Daniel Kelly.

My childhood bully, my best friend's brother, and the bane of my existence since I was six years old. When he tells me he's back for good, I have half a mind to throw his arrogantly handsome arse out and send him back to Dublin.

But his visit isn't just a coincidence.

No, it's very much intentional.

Because our parents have been conspiring, and it seems that Daniel is back …for me.

I refuse to be sold off as some prize to a man I can barely stand, but there's much more at stake than I ever imagined, because it turns out that both of our families are part of the Irish Mafia.

And our union... is one deal that can't be undone.

Daniel is the first book in the Dark Irish Mafia Romance Series, Gods of Galway, from author Harper West. Each book focuses on a single couple and can be read as a standalone. Guaranteed HEA. Read More Here


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