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The Nanny and The Billionaires: A MFM Billionaire Menage Romance



This Nanny’s Hard Work Pays off . . . In the Bedroom. 

Rich AF
That’s what they call us.
We have more money and power than two men could ever dream of—or need.
But we’re also flawed AF
One of us lost our wife, and the other hides behind a string of one-night-stands.
Besides the kids, we’ve closed ourselves off from connecting with anyone, and we prefer it that way—until we meet her.
A gorgeous beauty standing on our doorstep with eyes like an angel, and a body made for sin.
Screwing the Nanny is a bad idea, right?
Even if she is the first woman to get both our motors going in a long while . . .
We should keep things professional, but we’ve also never been ones to follow the rules.
So we say f*ck it and give in, unable to keep our hands off her luscious curves and thick, wet lips.
We’re gonna give her satisfaction like she’s never experienced before and we’ll add in a dash of panty-dropping kink to show her that pleasure can be enjoyed even more, when you bring in a bit of pain.
She better get ready . . . because naughty times are coming in our playroom.

The Nanny and The Billionaires is a is a standalone, butterfly-inducing romance, from your new favorite author Harper West. This one is ALL about her pleasure, with a sprinkling of BDSM and a guaranteed HEA. Get ready, these billionaires are loaded in their banks accounts . . . and their pants.