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Training Their Virgin Assistant: A BBW Billionaire Menage Romance


Help! I’ve done something bad, terrible, and totally hot . . . and I can’t stop!

Mousy, shy, and thoroughly curvy.
There’s no doubt about it. Most guys aren’t attracted to a figure like mine. 
My thighs touch, my breasts are full, and my jean size is in the double digits. 
I’m all woman—but the magazines and TV would disagree.
But when I see Mason—and Jay—I can’t ignore the lusty fire in their eyes.
I must be crazy, because I’m giving in to my base desires only moments after meeting them . . .
The way they look at me makes me hot between the legs.
The way they touch me makes me shriek with pleasure.
The only thing better than one gorgeous billionaire?
Two gorgeous billionaires. 
And oh gosh, I know it’s wrong, but I think I’m falling for them ...
I can’t let them know ... this wasn’t supposed to be serious! 
But try telling that to the baby growing in my belly.

We’ve always been partners. 
But when we see sweet, young Jilly, parading those curves around like a goddess ...
Well, we might become partners in the truest sense of the word.
She’s delicious.
She’s delectable.
She’s the sweetest piece of a*s we’ve ever had. 
And we need to make her ours.

*Warning: This book is HOT on another level. Even hotter than some of my other books, so be warned!* Guaranteed HEA & No Cheating.