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The Billionaires and The BookNerd: A MFM Billionaire Menage Romance


Bookish problem #1: Real men never live up to the fictional ones . . .


Surrounded by books is the only place I’ve ever felt like I belonged. From grade school to college, it’s where I found myself. Enjoyed myself. Hid myself. Unfortunately, my favorite thing also made my life hell. I remember the constant teasing like it was yesterday.

But now, I’m a grown woman. I’m a BookNerd and I’m damn proud. Between the pages of great read will always be home to me—and I’m done defending myself for it.
When my perfect, popular sister, Peyton, begs me to attend her latest masquerade charity ball, I know I can’t decline. Besides, it’ll be fun for one night to pretend I’m someone else without all my usual baggage.

I’m actually having a decent time—until I see them. The two guys who most recently tormented me in college, and boy, have they changed. They’re still unbelievably good-looking. But now, there was something else there. Seduction. Yearning. Dominance—and it was all aimed at me.

It’s the perfect chance for revenge.

I’ll lure them in, seduce them, and leave them high and dry with a heavy set of blue balls.
Instead, one night spirals into a dozen more—and suddenly revenge is the last thing on my mind—because the things they are doing to my body are better than any fantasy I could conjure up . . .

The Billionaires and The BookNerd is a standalone, thigh-clenching, MFM Billionaire Menage Romance from your new favorite author Harper West. If Savage billionaires filled with wild desire and big . . . egos . . . sounds like a good time, this book is for you! Guaranteed HEA & No Cheating.