Their Filthy Mob Princess

Two seductive Italian men, one sultry Italian princess, and a filthy passion that threatens to tear their families apart…

As a daughter of the Lastro Crime Family, I never want for anything.
And anything I ever want—I get.
Sports cars, expensive jewelry, a condominium with breathtaking views of Las Vegas; I ask daddy for it, and it's mine.
But now…he wants to give me a husband.
I’d do anything for my family, but an arranged marriage is the one gift I can’t accept.
Jacopo Abenante runs the Platinum Ice Casino with his father. If Jacopo marries me, the last unwed daughter of my family, they’ll form a conglomerate and be swimming in even more cash.
But who wants to be ‘forced’ into love?
For daddy’s sake, I agree to date Jacopo, fully planning to blow him off in the end. But unexpectedly, I find myself drawn to him. Wanting him. Fantasizing about him.
I should be thrilled, but there’s a complication—and his name is Antonio Regio.
He’s a sworn enemy of Jacopo, and I’m dangerously attracted to him as well.
In our world, disobedience is not tolerated, but I just can’t imagine giving up either of these fine Italian studs.
The only way I can make these enemies into allies is to unite them with my body…
After all, daddy always said; sharing is caring.