Her Irish Billionaires: A MFM Billionaire Romance (Irresistible Billionaires Book 1)


That’s what I am, because the luck of my Irish descendants has never been with me.
But it seems my luck’s about to turn when my Irish grandfather’s estate leaves me with an incredible opportunity. A bookstore tucked away in a small town, just outside of Dublin, and it’s all mine.

So what’s a broken-hearted girl to do? Hightail it out of the US on the first flight I can get.

This bookstore is all I have left of the only man who showed me unconditional love, but his sleazy AF landlord has other plans. Plans that involve stealing my inheritance, and chance at a fresh start, right out from under me—unless I offer myself up for his pleasure.


I’m starting to think my good fortune has run out—until I meet them.

Two gorgeous Irishmen who are willing to pretend I’m theirs and keep the horrible landlord at bay. At least until I can come up with a plan.

It should’ve just been a one-night thing, but I know I won’t be able to get their hot stares and hard bodies from my mind.

Especially not after giving into temptation.

Over and over again.

Ronan and Liam want me, all of me, but this shady landlord won’t give up. Now, I’ll have to choose between the one happy thing I have left of my past, the one thing I can call my own, and the men who want to give me something I lost a long time ago.

Her Irish Billionaires is a sexy, kindle-melting, standalone romance in the New ‘IRRESISTIBLE BILLIONAIRES’ Series by Harper West. If you love deliciously naughty Irishmen who know how to play their fiddles, this one’s for you! HEA with NO CHEATING!