The Billionaires and The Author: A MFM Billionaire Romance

This writer could never imagine a fantasy like this . . .


I have a secret.
A dirty, dark secret, no one can know about.
By day, I’m the good girl—a respected curator and librarian at the Rephar museum.
By night, I’m a romance writer, working towards my big break.
But I don’t write regular romance.
No. I write dirty, sinful, twisted, erotic romance.
The kind that could make a Porn-star blush.
No one knows about it.
Not my parents, my boss, or my roommate. And they can never find out.
My book “research” has given me some pretty hot fantasies, but I’ve never done anything more than imagine—until I enter a mysterious contest under my pen name, Destiny Fontiane—and meet them.
Kaden and Jared Montgomery, Chicago’s most eligible billionaire bachelors.
They’re dominant. Cocky. Demanding—and just my brand of twisted.
Suddenly, this ‘job’ goes far beyond any normal standards and soon enough, I find myself acting out all of my naughtiest desires with not one sexy billionaire—but TWO.

As the heirs to Montgomery Enterprises, life is pretty sweet.
The only problem?
We’re a bit . . . unconventional in our bedroom tastes.
All it took was one thrilling encounter in high school, and suddenly, we were hooked.
But not every woman wants to be shared between us, especially when it comes to signing a non-disclosure and being kept a secret from the world.
Truth is, we’re growing tired of the one-night hookup scene that our tastes attract.
That’s when we come up with bright idea of developing a publishing company under the Montgomery banner—one that specializes in erotic romance—as a way find a new lover who prefers ‘our way’ of doing things.
We expected to find some fun, adventurous women . . . but we never expected to meet her.
Krista aka Destiny, the delicious, good-girl librarian who writes the naughtiest tales you couldn’t even imagine.
Our risqué encounters are thoroughly satisfying and completely addictive; but now she’s changing our notions about what happily-ever-after can look like.
But secrets never last and when the truth comes out—it’ll either make us—or break us.

The Billionaires and The Author is a standalone, fantasy-awakening, panty-drenching, MFM Billionaire Romance from your new favorite author Harper West. If naughty billionaire brothers who like to share, sounds like a good time, this book is for you! Guaranteed HEA & No Cheating.