Her Country Billionaires: A MFM Billionaire Romance (Irresistible Billionaires Book 3)

These Country Boys are gonna remind this Ex-Cowgirl how fun it is to go hog wild…

My granddaddy sure has a crazy sense of humor.

Why? Because after his recent passing, he’s chosen me to run his dairy farm.

Yes, me. His chic, Gucci-wearing, New-York-City-living granddaughter who abandoned that life at just 17 years old.

So now, I’m the proud owner of small dairy farm in Wisconsin—at least for the next two weeks. That’s one of the ‘rules’ laid out by my grandpa, and I can’t sell until they’re done. I expect to be up at dawn, knee deep in cow manure and surrounded by flies.

And I expect to hate every minute of it.

But then I catch sight of them. My incredibly hot neighbors, Carter and Jack, who always seem to be baling hay with their shirts off

I should stay away, especially since I technically have a boyfriend—even if he’s nothing but a major jerk to me.

But sometimes, good girls do bad things.

The next thing I know, I’m embarking on one of the hottest, steamiest flings of my life! I should be focused on the future, and not on how rough Jack gives it to me in the barn. Or how Carter’s strong hands and thick fingers know exactly where I need them.

Suddenly, I’m becoming a completely different person—and it scares me.

I should just forget them and move on, but with every passing day, something about this life tugs at my heart and I’m questioning if leaving is the right choice.

But that’s crazy.

Because no one chooses Wisconsin’s farmlands over glamorous New York City…right?