Bedroom Bully: An Enemies-to-Lovers Dark Romance (Savage Revenge Book 2)



Joseph Ryker.

My boss. My bully. My addiction.

Everything about him is infuriating, reckless, and intoxicating.

Yet here I am, constantly coming back for more. It’s pathetic I know, but flying this close to the flame is too addictive to stop.

And now my boardroom bully is taking his revenge—to the bedroom

The fact that my heart flutters when he orders me to my knees proves just how much I’m losing my rational mind.

And even though I know this could only end one way, I still want it…


Bedroom Bully is the second book in the Savage Revenge Series from author Harper West. This series features a sexy anti-hero, dominance and plenty of panty melting heat. This series is planned for 3 books.

***Potential Cliffhanger Warning: Be aware, this book two in a three book series. The series will end in an HEA, but each book may not.***